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Our timber structures to date have been varied. From contemporary structures to large traditional post and beam barns, the construction and joinery methods used in our structures are time tested.


Natural playscapes are vibrant and living spaces.

In our opinion, they offer a higher play value for children, encouraging them to explore their imaginations and expand their boundaries through play.



A collection of our work



A collection of our work



Heading 6

About Us

Silvabuild Design Limited was established through a passion for working with timber and nature. We create unique structures and natural play areas that will inspire both adults and kids to spend more time outdoors and be inspired by nature.
At the core of our business we hold a deep appreciation for the natural surroundings. Our designs aim to have a minimal impact on the environment. In our projects, we use untreated, durable and natural materials, which are sourced locally where possible.
We offer a complete design and build, from conception to completion service. We provide a free first consultation and can give a prompt quotation thereafter. 
Our work is fully insured and all our play structures are certified by RoSPA. 

Contact Us

Email:    Adi: 085 - 228 8229

For Silvaplay Contact               Derek:  087 - 956 7445

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